Trivia: Key Things to Know About Plumbers

Every home owner and house renter has probably met a plumber Solihull at least once. Plumbers are called upon to install, repair and maintain sinks, toilets, water pipes, water heaters, drainage systems and other water-related systems. Without any doubt, plumbers are always in demand. Incidentally, most people know plumbers only to the extent of the work that they have done. To know these trusty neighborhood helpers better, here are a few quick facts.

Do you know that…

· It is not necessary for a plumber Solihull to have formal education.

People who are interested in pursuing a career in plumbing need not have a college degree. They just have to complete the required classroom training to become a certified plumber. Once certified, they go through formal apprenticeship to gain trade experience.

· Formal plumbing apprenticeship normally lasts 4 to 5 years. After this time, the apprentices can progress to become journeymen and, later on, master plumbers. Master plumbers are required by most states to be licensed.

· Plumbers, on average, make about $50,000 a year. This could vary based on experience and location, among others. Master plumbers, for instance, earn high salaries and are able to take their own apprentices.

· Plumbers generally earn more money than other trade professionals, making plumbing a rewarding career. They can actually make a good living even as apprentices.

· The demand for plumbers is predicted to grow at a rate of 26% between 2010 and 2020. This offers an excellent employment outlook for aspiring plumbers.